Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Recharging batteries, sun, beach, superman, mutant powers and people that goes to music festivals and think that everything is shit.

It´s been a long ti me since the las time i updated this blog. The reason? I have been feeling very very lazy and not very focused. Also some unfortunate events in my life have left me a little bit dow. I hope to get back to the habit of writing it regularly cos i think it´s a great mind exercise. 

Yesterday was my first beach day of the summer. Since last summer that i went to the beach for first time in 23 years, i have realized that i love going to it. It was like an epiphany, i felt so well and full of energy… the moaning of the sea, the roar of the waves, bathe in the sea, the shot of vitamin D from the sun rays… It´s a bit like being recharging batteries like superman or sunspot (from the New Mutants). And also bathe in the sea is so healthy. The only thing i am concern about is that the sun light is not very good for my tattoos (well it´s not good for any kind of ink)… But still i can't wit to go back. 

Yesterday i went with my mate Unay and his friend Urko, that now is also a friend of mine. I had great fun with Unai´s commentaries about the Sonicsphere. Him and Urko, he also went to the festival, were talking about all the generalized gossiping in Facebook about the band that played there. I did suggest then to create a group in Facebook called "People that goes to music festivals and thing that everything is shit". I hope the´ll do it. 
Once int he beach we look for a good spot to settle. After settle camp, we kept talking and listening to Unai´s stories, Urko and i were really having a laugh. We talk about music, people, the beach, UK… About 18:30 we went for a walk. What a fantastic exercise is to walk on sand and so healthy. After the walk we undo the camp and went to the tube. i arrived home just in time to see Frasier, after watched it had a shower and applied after sun over my body. 

The Neguri´s beach

Sunday, 24 April 2011

What you´ve missed Manoli!!!

Here i start to write another entry for this blog. Te truths that i should have written this long ago, but i have been a little bit lazy. Well, two weekend ago, my manta Oskar and i decided to do another route through the mountain. This time we just got stick the the mountain instead of end up at the beach.As usual we met outside the underground station in Portugalete at 11 and we headed up to the mountain. In the way we were talking about loads of stuff and i was telling  him and in spite i am not a corporate nor elitist person, it´s clear to notice when someone got no academic education in a specific field, in this case in design. In this profession, in this case it is also my profession, this is a profession in which there´s  lot of intrusiveness. At least here in Spain there´s people who take a 6 months course, usually given fro the jobseeker offices, in which the only teach you how to use more or less the software related with graphics. This usually is about some photoshop, illustrator, and indesign. Don't take me wrong this course usually are very good for those already got and education in design and in this kind of courses you can set our knowledge and learn a few tips. But as was saying is not the way to become a designer, and the people who come out these courses usually think they already are graphic designers and the truth is that they lack loads of knowledge. They got now acknowledge of typography,colour  psychology, proportions, grid sisters, or any design foundations… They don't have any idea of what they are doing and they just stuff randomly. So that´s why you can see the stuff you can see out there. Part of the guilt is because agencies of printers take on this king of people because thy can pay them less because the are not really professionals and, of course, the people has has taken the course they are willing work for just a little pocket money. It rally gets my nerves to see with out no thinking or concept at all and the element are displayed with no criteria, it´s not fluid. A design have to be thought, and be worked under a concept and anything that is in there have to enforce the work and so transmit an idea, a concept and therefore communicate an idea. A good desing is that have all this stuff and this is something that makes them timeless. Every time i do a design or an illustration i do always work under a concept.
But as i said, i don't want to be corporative of elitist, i know professionals that even tho never had an education in design are really good professionals because they worried to find information about it and teach them selves and expand their knowledge to become the good professionals they are. Also this people got good taste, criteria and very talented. I also know people that in spite having a degree in art they really are crap because they got no talent at all.

Any way, once we arrived to the funicular we had to watt a little wile so i took a pic of the station and a stone eagle right at the top.

When we arrive where all the routes start we wasn't ver sure about what to do. I wanted to do the prehistoric one that in the beginning was the one we were going to do the last week. We decided to go to the information office to ask about them. There, meanwhile Oskar was asking about them i took pics or a scale model of the funicular and another one  of how the iron was taken from the mines to the village. 

Oskar told me about doing the miner´s route because the girl in the office told him it was quite easy at the contrary of the prehistoric one which apparently was quite hard. So, as Oskar wanted to see a cave that was in the minre´s route we took that one. We wstarte dot go up the mountain following the sings that indicates the different routes but at a point Oskar got cuffed with the colours but i took care o the situation and identified the colour very quickly as i got quite a lot of experience with the pantone book. As we were walking we invented the discotrekking which consist basically in doing 70´s disco dancing moves alongside you trek. We think it´s gonna be really big.

we arrived to an old and abandon miner village. I found that so interesting tha i started to take pics, over all of a ruin house.

we were enjoying the views while we walked.

After a going down a sheer path, we arrived to the cave and there we found a small chapel dedicated to the Magdalena virgin. I suppose it was the something to do with the miners…

We walked in the cave but as it was ver dark we decide to go back and have something to eat. I slipped and almost fell, but thanks to my feline agility nothing really happened, just some mud.

After having our sandwiches, we headed back and Oskar told me about a pub he used to go. Before going to the pub we had a stop in the bar that is by the information office where the routes start, and had a red tea. There the bartender was talking by phone with a friend saying "What you´ve missed Manoli!!!  there was an accident a a boy broke his leg and a helicopter came over to take him away…" Oskar and i thought it was great…

So when we arrived to Portugalete looked for the pub, that was veronica and there was not many people, and we had 3 rounds of Paulitas (paulaner) that with Franziskaner is one of our favorite beers. It is a very nice and smooth beer. we love it. There we talked and laught about many things… but i don't remember much, like happens with the fairy food, the sweet nectar of this blond made that i cant remember much about that moment…

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mountain, beach and no waxing

Week from the 4th to the 10th:

Monday the  4th.

I got up and 6 in the morning and after doing some exercise i went for a run. I didn't arrive to the Regato (the place i usually arrive to) because it was late and i ace quite a few things to do. I did arrive home like a an hour later and did my chest workout. After finishing my routine, had an orange juice and a green tea for breakfast, jumped into the shower and went to my friend´s studio to upload my website. I didn't  know whay i had problems uploading it to my server, i manage to do it but it took far too long. 
I spent the rest of the day  surfing the net and doing some chores. 

Twesday the  5th.

I got up at 6 Am as usual. After running, doing my weighs routine, had my breakfast and having a shower, i did work in my site optimizing images and fixing a couple of things that Jordi, the programer that has been helping me with the code and the java scrip and which help has been crucial for the site to be finished. I spent most of the day fixing in the site, the rest  of the day i worked in the design of a logo and a sheet for a role play game that i have been commissioned for. At 20:00 watched American Dad, and after having dinner went to sleep about 23:00.

Wednesday the  6th.

As usual got up and 6AM, went for a run, then weights routine then breakfast and shower. But today there was a little change, just went i was up to jump in the shower, the door bell rang. It was the technician from the euskaltel company that came to do the internet installation. The truth is that i didn't  expect him so early because the day they call me to let me know the day he was arriving, they told me that he would be here at 12, and he personated here at 10. For me it was great. As the technician was here, i didn't got to the shower so i stayed sketching until he finished. It took like an hour and once the technician went i went to the shower. When i came out i got into my ftp and did a few changes in the website. The rest of the day didn't do much, just work in the designs i am doing now.

Thursday the  7th.

Like everyday i got up at 6 with "Invaders must die" by The Prodigy. Went for my usual run, then my weights routine and after breakfast i had my shower. Then my friend Arantxa to go for a walk by the beach. I think it was a great ideas and told her a big YES!. We met by the Justice palace, my friend had to do some stuff before going, once we finished we headed to the beach. She told me about a really nice walk she did last time she was there. We arrived to Pobeña and we started to do the walk. I have to say that is a really nice walk ant eh views are fantastic and i did loads of pics for this post.

The coast

The coast

The coast and the handrail

The horizon

The coast again


The coast again

A fountain

Iron Cable

Gear assembly


More detail

And again

The coast again

And again

The stairs that lead us the the spot where we ate our sandwiches

We were walking and talking about stuff that has been boing on in our lives. After a while we felt hungry and saw a really nice spot and decided to sit there and eat our sandwiches. When we finished eating, we lay down to rest a little bit and enjoy the sea breeze. We arrived home about 14:00, so just perfect for lunch. After eating i finished the first proposal of a sheet and a logo for a role game. Sent it, and very quickly received a feedback. At 20:00 watched American Dad, had diner by 22:30 and after surfing the net a bit went to sleep at 23:00.

Friday the  8th.

I got up at 6 like everyday, running, weights, breakfast and shower. I had to do some chores and stuff like going to the supermarket that took me the whole morning. This is something that doesn't  bother me at all as soon as i have my ipod with me. I like a lot to listen to tech no with i go to the supermarket, i don't know why. After lunch sent the new version the the role play sheet i am designing and went to see my friend Agustin. We talk about comic books and watched trailers of superhero  movies. The Captain America one looks amazing, and in spite of is a character that irritates me a lot. the movie looks good. About 16:00 we went to Decatlon (a sports shop) as i want to wide my weights range. I saw a few interesting things at a very good price. At 17:00 headed home and checked my e-mail. Already had a new feedback for the sheet design. I did the modifications and sent it. At 19:30, headed to the tube because i was meeting a mate in front of the Bisitza. He introduced me to a lot of people, but there was this girl named Yolanda, really nice, with who i talked a lot. About hour and a half later, headed home and checked my email again and already had the answer with a new feedback of the sheet design i sent before. As some new information were aded, i started to work on it immediately. When i finish with it, sent it back. At  it got quite late decided to had dinner and go to sleep.

Saturday the  9th.

This was a great day, in spite of weak up at 6 as usual, I didn't go running because today i was going to the mountain with my friend Oskar. I got up at 9 because i wanted to be very well rested, had breakfast, got my backpack ready and at 10:00 i went to the supermarket because i had to buy some stuff like turkey. Like i want going to meet my friend until 11:00 i had plenty of time. Came back home with the shoppings and made the 2 sandwiches i was going to take with me, made my bed and headed to the tube station. I arrived to the Bagatza station and i sat down to to wait for the tube to come but i sat in the wrong bay and with and when i realized that it was too late to react and catch the right now at the other bay. So for my surprise, i had to wait for 10 minutes for the next one to come for which i will be late. When i finally arrived Oskar asked me why took me so long to arrive and i explained him everything. Once everything was clear, we started our walk to the Arboleda. We went by the Bidegorri (a path just for bicycles and foot) and meanwhile i was telling him the stuff i am designing now we pass by very nice places like a satanic vegetable garden… and all that kind of stuff you see when you walk.

The Walk

The view


And more

A lake

Another Lake


More horses

Bucolic image with cows
More cows

And more

Other views from the walk

The routes


Miner stuff


A plaque

Mountain view

We arrived just to take the funicular which was just perfect because that way we wont have to wait 20 minutes for the next one. We got in, well more like we stuffed in ´cos it was really full, and it started to go up. One of the good things that the funiculars have is that it goes quite slow so you can enjoy the view and take pics, it also one of the bad things it have is that as it goes so slow when it´s hot you really backed in. We suffer the second bit more than the first. Anyway, we got to the top and we decided to have a drink, a most to be more exactly. It was very nice. In our way to the mountain, we say a few cows and horses i took some pics of. We arrived to a place indicating the routes you can do over there. After taking some pics of stuff used by the miners and buy an isotonic drink, we decided to do the 3rd route, the prehistoric one. As that route was up the mountain we decided to follow the road after all… We walked for a long time and when we saw a little cascade we decided to top to catch our breath. 

The cascade


we started up the walk and as we walk we could see the beach in the horizon, IT WAS GREAT!!!!! and i got so excited that we decided to reach the beach

The beach in the horizon

In the way, we keep talking about our lives and stuff, the good weather, how good is to get out of the routine and the good vibes and energy this things generates. Then i was a cow and i could not resist to take a photo.  

The cow


We kept walking and by 14:00 we arrived to a picnic area which Oskar used to be around when he was a kid. As we were hungry we decided to stop by and eat. I had my turkey sandwiches and oscar a Jam one ( his with french baguette) and for dessert one yogurt activia with cereals and kiwi each one. When we finished eating we got back to walk. In the way to the beach we started to talk abut which one of the road was the right one to walk by. We arrived to the conclusion that it was th elect one as you need to see the cars as thy come for you to see them and for the drivers to see you and don't run over you. well unless you are doing auto stop. We arrived to the El Campo ad we saw a graffity that i just could´t resist to take a photography. 


We thought the bit petrohorror was superb. After talking about it and stuff we arrived to Muskiz and we took the path that takes you to the Arena beach, We saw a sign that confirmed that.

A sign

The sign 

The wind was quite chilly and strong but nice. We were talking about how spectacular looks petrohorror by night. It looks like a futuristic city with all those lights and chimneys with the flame at the top. It remains me a lot to the "Blade Runner" city. Oskar told me that his uncle worked in a complex like that one and they actually are like small cities with all the roads and pedestrian walks, signs, traffic lights… His uncles was a truck driver and one time he took his sister around and show her all the infrastructure. 

We arrived to the beach and we were avid for beer. We asked if they had Franciskaner (our favorite beer) but as they didn't we had a Voll-Damm.

A Voll-Camm

I have to admit that that beer doesn't appeal to me, i am becoming a little bit too picky with this kind of stuff and i think it´s not Franciskaner… We finished our drinks and went right to the beach we took our trainers off on the stairs and jumped on the sand… IT WAS GREAT!!!!!

The sand

I was very very excited as i haven´t have been in the beach for about 23 yeast… i took a lot of pics and we were walling along the seashore and talking about how good and nice it is.

The beach

Walking on the sand

With the feet in the water (a bit chilly)

Out of the water

Into the sands

We say part of the walk i did with my friend Arantxa on Thursday and we kept walking and talking about what we were going to do next weekend and at the same time i kept taking pics.

The walk i did on thursday at the end

Water and sand

More water and sand

The lines of the sun rays in the water


Shadows in the watter

Ducs on the very back

We arrived to the part that links with the river and we saw some constructions that left us very intrigued. At first we thought they were some kind of ancient civilization remains, but soon we dismiss that possibility. We arrived to the conclusion that they should be some kind of constructions related with the ships out of use. 


In the middle of the construction 


More constructions

The other side of the beach

As we were a little bit tired, we decided that it would be a good idea to lay down  by the dunes for a wile and rest. As i had brought a towel, we made our camp.

Towel Gaultier (well it´s not really Gaultier )

The stop didn't last much as the wind started to blow and it was quite annoying. So we packed and kept walking by the seashore again. We walked to the other side of the beach talking about why kids now wants to wax their bodies. When we arrived to the end decided to got out the sand and after washing our feet we headed to another pub. Got inane we asked if they had Franciscaner, they didn't but instead the had another wheat beer and i just remembered that my good friend Javi talked me about a very similar one to the Franciskaner called Paulaner, so i ordered 2.

The Paulaner (GREATS!!!!!)

WOW!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! fantastic, very good, and also the pub was very nice. The music wasn't very loud and its very big and spacious. It also has a very big huge window that looks to the sea… Welll gauss fantastic. In the pub we talked about a lot of things over 3 rounds.
About 21:00 we decided to head home and went to see the buses timetables. i rather going by trainof tube but in the bus sometimes i got some travel sickness. We had to take different busses (dawn!!)  because the one that goes to Barakaldo doesn't pass by Sestao. Really a shame. I got in the buss and as i was listening to "South Paw Grammar" by Morrissey the trip back home just looked like a blink. Once at home, had dinner a shower and fell asleep as soon as i got in bed.

Sunday the 10th.

I woke up at 6 but i was very tired by the day before so decided to stay in bed till 9.  Had breakfast and finished the design of the role game sheet. Sent it away and 5 minutes later had the feedback. Had an online conversation with the client and told me the last changes i had todo. Did the changes and had the final ok for the job.. YAY!!! Spent the rest of the day surfing the net and droning green tea.