Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Recharging batteries, sun, beach, superman, mutant powers and people that goes to music festivals and think that everything is shit.

It´s been a long ti me since the las time i updated this blog. The reason? I have been feeling very very lazy and not very focused. Also some unfortunate events in my life have left me a little bit dow. I hope to get back to the habit of writing it regularly cos i think it´s a great mind exercise. 

Yesterday was my first beach day of the summer. Since last summer that i went to the beach for first time in 23 years, i have realized that i love going to it. It was like an epiphany, i felt so well and full of energy… the moaning of the sea, the roar of the waves, bathe in the sea, the shot of vitamin D from the sun rays… It´s a bit like being recharging batteries like superman or sunspot (from the New Mutants). And also bathe in the sea is so healthy. The only thing i am concern about is that the sun light is not very good for my tattoos (well it´s not good for any kind of ink)… But still i can't wit to go back. 

Yesterday i went with my mate Unay and his friend Urko, that now is also a friend of mine. I had great fun with Unai´s commentaries about the Sonicsphere. Him and Urko, he also went to the festival, were talking about all the generalized gossiping in Facebook about the band that played there. I did suggest then to create a group in Facebook called "People that goes to music festivals and thing that everything is shit". I hope the´ll do it. 
Once int he beach we look for a good spot to settle. After settle camp, we kept talking and listening to Unai´s stories, Urko and i were really having a laugh. We talk about music, people, the beach, UK… About 18:30 we went for a walk. What a fantastic exercise is to walk on sand and so healthy. After the walk we undo the camp and went to the tube. i arrived home just in time to see Frasier, after watched it had a shower and applied after sun over my body. 

The Neguri´s beach

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