Sunday, 24 April 2011

What you´ve missed Manoli!!!

Here i start to write another entry for this blog. Te truths that i should have written this long ago, but i have been a little bit lazy. Well, two weekend ago, my manta Oskar and i decided to do another route through the mountain. This time we just got stick the the mountain instead of end up at the beach.As usual we met outside the underground station in Portugalete at 11 and we headed up to the mountain. In the way we were talking about loads of stuff and i was telling  him and in spite i am not a corporate nor elitist person, it´s clear to notice when someone got no academic education in a specific field, in this case in design. In this profession, in this case it is also my profession, this is a profession in which there´s  lot of intrusiveness. At least here in Spain there´s people who take a 6 months course, usually given fro the jobseeker offices, in which the only teach you how to use more or less the software related with graphics. This usually is about some photoshop, illustrator, and indesign. Don't take me wrong this course usually are very good for those already got and education in design and in this kind of courses you can set our knowledge and learn a few tips. But as was saying is not the way to become a designer, and the people who come out these courses usually think they already are graphic designers and the truth is that they lack loads of knowledge. They got now acknowledge of typography,colour  psychology, proportions, grid sisters, or any design foundations… They don't have any idea of what they are doing and they just stuff randomly. So that´s why you can see the stuff you can see out there. Part of the guilt is because agencies of printers take on this king of people because thy can pay them less because the are not really professionals and, of course, the people has has taken the course they are willing work for just a little pocket money. It rally gets my nerves to see with out no thinking or concept at all and the element are displayed with no criteria, it´s not fluid. A design have to be thought, and be worked under a concept and anything that is in there have to enforce the work and so transmit an idea, a concept and therefore communicate an idea. A good desing is that have all this stuff and this is something that makes them timeless. Every time i do a design or an illustration i do always work under a concept.
But as i said, i don't want to be corporative of elitist, i know professionals that even tho never had an education in design are really good professionals because they worried to find information about it and teach them selves and expand their knowledge to become the good professionals they are. Also this people got good taste, criteria and very talented. I also know people that in spite having a degree in art they really are crap because they got no talent at all.

Any way, once we arrived to the funicular we had to watt a little wile so i took a pic of the station and a stone eagle right at the top.

When we arrive where all the routes start we wasn't ver sure about what to do. I wanted to do the prehistoric one that in the beginning was the one we were going to do the last week. We decided to go to the information office to ask about them. There, meanwhile Oskar was asking about them i took pics or a scale model of the funicular and another one  of how the iron was taken from the mines to the village. 

Oskar told me about doing the miner´s route because the girl in the office told him it was quite easy at the contrary of the prehistoric one which apparently was quite hard. So, as Oskar wanted to see a cave that was in the minre´s route we took that one. We wstarte dot go up the mountain following the sings that indicates the different routes but at a point Oskar got cuffed with the colours but i took care o the situation and identified the colour very quickly as i got quite a lot of experience with the pantone book. As we were walking we invented the discotrekking which consist basically in doing 70´s disco dancing moves alongside you trek. We think it´s gonna be really big.

we arrived to an old and abandon miner village. I found that so interesting tha i started to take pics, over all of a ruin house.

we were enjoying the views while we walked.

After a going down a sheer path, we arrived to the cave and there we found a small chapel dedicated to the Magdalena virgin. I suppose it was the something to do with the miners…

We walked in the cave but as it was ver dark we decide to go back and have something to eat. I slipped and almost fell, but thanks to my feline agility nothing really happened, just some mud.

After having our sandwiches, we headed back and Oskar told me about a pub he used to go. Before going to the pub we had a stop in the bar that is by the information office where the routes start, and had a red tea. There the bartender was talking by phone with a friend saying "What you´ve missed Manoli!!!  there was an accident a a boy broke his leg and a helicopter came over to take him away…" Oskar and i thought it was great…

So when we arrived to Portugalete looked for the pub, that was veronica and there was not many people, and we had 3 rounds of Paulitas (paulaner) that with Franziskaner is one of our favorite beers. It is a very nice and smooth beer. we love it. There we talked and laught about many things… but i don't remember much, like happens with the fairy food, the sweet nectar of this blond made that i cant remember much about that moment…

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