Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Weekend from the 2nd to the 3rd

Saturaday the 2nd.

I woke up at 7:00 with the Transplants (Tim Armstrong alternative band), i stayed a little bit more in bed until i decided to get up. About half and hour later got up, put on my running clothes, filled up my drinking bottle with water, took my ipod (indispensable in my life) and got out . As i have not running for a long time and i didn't want to be berry tired as i wanted to keep working in y website (which i am close to finish), didn't want to run very hard, so i just did a short version of the running routine i usually do. After it, arrived home and work out biceps, then after stretching, had my breakfast, orange juice and a green tea, what i have everyday. After having a shower i kept working in my site. 
Al 16:00 as i was a little bit tired because i didn't sleep much cos of the insomnia i sometimes have and didn't let me fell asleep until 4-ish in the morning, i laid down for a wile. To make my rest a better one, i decided to listen to Morrisey´s "Bona Drag". This album got one of the best songs i like the most of all times "The las of the famous international playboys". Morrisy is great. At 17:00 got up and like every sunday, i headed to the underground station to meet up my mate Oskar to go Bibao to have a few Franciskitas (Franciskanen) at the pub Nervión.
From home to the station i did listen to the Horrorpops that is a band i like a lot. Once in the station and while i waited to tube to come, i did listen to Muse´s "Absolution". The tube arrived but didn't see my mate in it. Well, i guessed he misted. I got in and arrived to San Mames with is the station we always stop and there i did wait for him. A couple of tracks later he arrived and then we started our walk to the Pub. We always go by the river side passing by the Guggenheim museum. 

The Guggenheim

Art piece close up

Once at the pub, Oskar ordered the first round of Franciskitas (he always likes to order the first one) y also brought some chips. The Franciskitas are very nice and mucho more if you drink them at the Nervión. We love this place, the guys that run it are fantastic and ver nice.



There we were talking about music, which is a very recurrent theme in our conversations. Oskar explained me a few things about classical music, as he only listen to classical music, he knows a lot a bout it and always brings some light in the cavern of my ignorance. We also talked about the strategies of some TV channels have to attack or keep the audience (well, i am talking about the spanish tv). I think is very interesting to see how, like at the contrary of before that one of the qualities that the professionals of the  tv channels must had, was to keep the composure and behave in front of the camera,  now the channels look for characters that can bring polemic and  give something to talk to. Before, and at leas in Spain, there was a time in which some channels used to talk against each other and the celebrities that worked in each different channels and the audience remained spill due to the sympathies that the different celebrities had in the viewers. That has changed, now (and i insist again that  i talk about Spain) the channels or at least a particular channel, has realized that is much better the the polemic is generated in the channel, from the channel, because this way the audience remains in the channel and wont go to another channel of, for instance, something that has been said in a show in the morning that might have repercussion in a celebrity that collaborate in a afternoon or night show. Then that information that has been generated in the morning is commented and replayed in the night by the celebrity and the colleagues that work with him in the show, then all this is reflected then next day in the day show that comments and replay what has been said in the night show generating a replay ball that bounces from one show to another feeding the polemic and constantly retro-feeding it. But that doesn't stop there, also, other shows (always or usually from the same channel) echo the information or "news" tailing about at and showing all the different opinions and bringing new facts feeding even more the polemic and it´s reactions. That is a vicious circle that is something that i find absolutely fascinating and in spite that it is garbage, as tv strategic, is very clever.Still ti doesn't stops there, Those same channels have realized that that formula generates a big audience and have created tv shows of a really long format to get the viewers sticked in front of the tv. have realized that the well behave celebrities don't sell as good as the bad ones, the losers, and in those shows apart of exposing and talking about their lives and miseries and where there are aggressive behaviors among the collaborators to generate more scandals and polemic feed more and more the chain… and from there back to the beginning. I think that as a strategy, it´s brilliant.

We also talked about fame and how, like a nobility title, can be inherit and acquired when getting with a celebrity. For instance, (as i have said i talk about Spain)  lady or a guy, with profession X but a now body, popularity speaking, once married and when starts to go out with a celebrity or a famous person, automatically gets the celebrity status that it´s transmuted by the link stablished with the famous person he or she is with. Then from that moment becomes famous and a celebrity and is called for parties, acts, premieres, becomes the image of labels and products… and then they just live through that inherent fame even tho they got no merit for it. The saddest thing of all this is that, that people, appears in the yellow magazines and shows and the public, the viewers, somehow feel sympathy and feel identified with that new celebrities, just because they have become "someone" in the media and popular and famous just for the fact of making their living (sometimes very well) through  scandals and doing nothing. And i don't know, maybe the people who consumes that king of publications and shows want to become them and have their same way of life apparently "glamurous". Before, celebrities and famous people used to be it by their professions, generally related with an artistic or sporty activity, were famous because their own merits. Now anyone as thick, vulvar and with a lack of talent can be faouse and become a celebrity as Andy Warhol vaticinated with his "every body will have their 15 minutes of fame". Also all this is very well exposed in the Pet Shop Boys´s track"Shameless".

The tea

We sat in the second floor as usual. We sit by the edge to look down and gossip a little bit. We order a red tea and talked about how people lack of modesty and how the presume of stuff and knowlecge that maybe is not that good. I rather be modest.
As thursday sa my birthday Oskar told me to have a beer instead of more tea to celebrate it. I am not a celebration guy but... hey! what the fuck. So i went down to order a couple of beers.

The Beers

Afer finishng our drinks we headed to the underground to go back home. Once at home had a sparagus  omelete for dinner and by 23:00 went to bed.

Sunday the 3rd:

i woke up at 7 like everyday with Transplant´s "Haunted Cities" . As it was raining and decided no to go running, i had breakfast. Had as usual an orange juice and a green tea. After that i started to double check my site before putting it up. I wanted to make sure that the texts are ok.
At 14:00 had lunch, a grilled steak with a tomato, onion, red peper and radis salad.
About 16:00 i took up my suttee and headed to the Mahattan cafeteria, one of my favorite places in Barakaldo (place where i live now). I love this place, it´s nice and usually quiet and at the time i come over there´s basically nobody and you can concentrate in your stuff really well. It also got a wifi conectio and it´s very reliable, and of course, coffee is very nice. It only got a down side and it´s when they play football on the tv, just like today that is irritating me a little bit.

At the Manhattan

I had a look at my e-mail and did some research for a couple of projects i got in mind. I did upload some pics to the Facebook i have as an artist that i opened recently, chatted with some friends and stuff like that, about 18:00 my friend Arantxa called and we were talking a wile. When we fihish talking got all my stuff and headed back home. Once at home and wile i was getting ready to do my workout (this time triceps) My mate Angel called me up to ask me something. I did advise him and started my workout while listening to Motorhead and Mad Sin. After the shwer and having something to eat, watched American Dad. About 22:00 had my dinner and at 23:00 went to bed.

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